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Our team of experienced trading consultants have unrivaled industry knowledge. Customers and suppliers can rest assured that all key regions have a dedicated contact that is ready to deliver the right results in each territory. From technical information to supply chain solutions, your pivotal point of contact will be a valued extension of your team.

For general information, please contact us at [email protected] and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Head office

Contact details

T: +41 415 306 367
E: [email protected]


Alpenstrasse 14,
CH – 6300 Zug, Switzerland


Polymers Trading International AG
Company code CHE-153.922.051

Patrick Claes
Benelux, France, South Africa, UK & Ireland

Languages spoken – Dutch, French, English

Commercial specialist with 10 years of profound experience in the raw materials of polyester and PET resin

Bruno Coelho da Silva
Portugal & Spain, Africa, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus

Languages spoken – Spanish, Portuguese, English

A seasoned international trading professional for the polyester chain business.

Sebastian Goldbach
Germany & Switzerland

Languages spoken – German, English

Nearly a decade of sales and trading experience in PET industry.

Henryk Bojarowski

Languages spoken – Polish, Russian, English

Technical specialist with over two decades of trading support experience

Ivan Grof
East Europe

Languages spoken – Slovakian, English, Italian

European plastics sales and account management professional

Aleksandr Tarasov
CIS countries

Languages spoken – Russian, Belarussian 

Over 10 years’ experience in polyurethane industry, developing recipes for PUR and PIR systems.

Dalia Pociute
Baltic States, Scandinavia, CIS countries, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, South & North America

Languages spoken – English, French, Lithuanian, Russian 

Service-driven polymer account management and finance expert with over twenty years’ experience 

Nick King
UK & Ireland

Languages spoken – English

Professional with over 30 years of experience in the areas of PET resins and feedstocks.